Author & Main developer of FlightGear Mac OS X

  • Name: TATsuhiro Nishioka
  • Email: tat <dot> fgmacosx <at> gmail <dot> com

Feel free to email me if you have any problems or questions. No spams please.

By the way, I'm not selling FlightGear to anyone, so do not send me any complaints about paid versions of FlightGear. I have nothing to do with these, so no complaints about such products will be ignored. See the official statement on this.

21 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Treblig Says:
    Hi, I would like to know if there is a version of FlightGear that run (fly) on OS 10.2.8 or older Mac OS System. Thanks
  2. Tat Says:
    Unfortunately, there's no version of FlightGear available on Mac OS 10.2.8 or older. I don't think the new launcher will work on Mac OS 10.2.8. You need Mac OS 10.4. About FlightGear itserf, I guess building it and making some patches for Mac OS 10.2.8 will solve this problem. However, you need to rebuild the Xcode project file by yourself as Xcode 2.4 doesn't work on Mac OS 10.2.8.
  3. Arline Says:
    I just downloaded the game from sourceforge ( i have an intel imac 10.4) and I put it into th application folder. OK, iI then get to the screen about choosing the aircraft etc. and i press play and it quits out. then i read that i have to go to terminal. then i type in what it says t do and my computer doesnt recognize it. i go the these forums and read some and they say to type in "fgfs" but that doesnt work either...
  4. willum Says:
    I've installed flightgear on a G4 titanium MAC and I get as far as the opening screen as soon as I hit start flight it quits any Ideas?
  5. Tat Says:

    we need some more info to help you guys. Please post your problem to Help and Open Discussion forum. Don't forget to include the package file name, the path to FlightGear, and what version of Mac OS X do you use. Summarizing the error messages (if available at would help us answer your questions.

  6. anton Says:
    i'm on a imac ppc g5 2.0mhz running mac os x 10.4.8 . this sure looks like a pretty piece of work but i can't get it to launch. never mind all the coding instructions and corrections and re-programming and all the tweaking and fooling around. just email me when i can get a final version on cd. if x-plane can do it, you can too. you're so close. please do it for dummies like me. i'd rather you have my bussiness than some commercial outfit. i can't be the only one to feel this way. keep trying. you're so close.
  7. Tat Says:
    I do recommend you read troubleshooting and users guide for launching FlightGear Mac OS X. Selling or distributing CD or DVDs has nothing to do with such problems. Thease happen even if it comes with CD/DVD. Sending us emails about the problems in using FlightGear Mac OS X can solve these in the near future. Thank you.
  8. Marcio Says:
    Please, post on your home page a link for the latest version (0.9.8) available for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Lots of people still use Panther and give up of FlightGear when can't find on download section a link for a version that works on this OS. Maybe you could call it a "legacy" version or something, but anyway, a direct link for Panther version could be very useful for us. Thank you.
  9. Hideway Says:
    Hi ! I use FlightGear on a G5 iMac 10.4.8 1,8Ghz. I meet some command problems, specially with the numeric keyboard. Many commands don't work. Such as told in the manual (Keyboard controls Tab.1). For e.g. the 0/, Can you tell me if it's because I'm on a French Keyboard or because of the French system ? Can I have you opinion ? Thnaks by advance, Faithfully yours,
  10. Haakon Says:
    Hi, I would like to konw if there is any flight gear version that fits mac OS X 10.3.9
  11. matze Says:
    Hi, where are the binaries gone? I wanted to download Flighgear, but the full binaries are missing :-((
  12. Tat Says:

    Haakon, 0.9.8 should run on OS X 10.3.9. go to Downloads page and follow the link in 'Earlier versions' section.

    matze, Thanks for the info. I fixed the link in the downloads page. The links there are generated automatically by referring sourceforge's RSS but somehow the rss document for the release was deleted, so I posted the link directly instead. I hope it will get fixed soon.

  13. Haakon Says:
    I did what you said I sould do, Tat. and I got the flightgear 0.9.8 installed. But when I start it and choose aircraft and airport, and push the enter cockpit butten: the program just shuts down? What is that Tat?
  14. Tat Says:

    Haakon, I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't build 0.9.8 so I can't help you only with the info you gave me. So try launching the FlightGear from terminal. Take a look at This troubleshooting to launch it from terminal. If anything goes wrong, you get some error messages.

    Good luck.

  15. Phil Cobbin Says:
    Can you put up an image in true HFS form or ISO form so I figure out where to add files to add Open Eagle to it and figure out where the default resource configurations are.... Thanks, Phil Cobbin
  16. Tat Says:
    //pukiwii Phil, I don't thing you need ISO or HFS+ image for that purpose. You need the path to the data folder and that is /Applications/ The per-user configuration file is placed on $HOME/.fgfsrc. You should also know that some contents of this files will be overwritten by the launcher (e.g. --fg-root). Though I've never used Open Eagle, copying some files from DVD to some folders in the data folder should work. Your feedback on this is very welcome. Good luck!
  17. Tat Says:
    By the way, I'll be away from the internet for a while, so I won't be able to answer the questions until Mar. 5th. Please post questions and comments to the discussion forum until then.
  18. Randall Groves Says:
    I downloaded the latest build for Mac OS X, and it did not come w/ js_demo. I'm trying to accomplish a custom config for my joystick. Where can I download js_demo? Thanks Randy
  19. Peter Says:
    your program is great and i think it has good potential, but i am having trouble downloading extra aircraft and scenery. i have a mac, and when i am done downloading a plane i get the folder and for SOME of them i get the random letters then .tgz , but others i do not get that. even if i do get that, when i go to the beginning thing when i start it , i go to advanced features, then others, and i click install add on data. i have tried both the folder and the .tgz document, and neither work. when i do the .tgz document, it says installation completed, yet the aircraft does not appear on the list of aircraft i can use. HELP thanks for listening, Peter
  20. Peter Says:
    plz answer!!!! i am desparate to fly!!!
  21. Tat Says:
    Randall, I'll make the next version with js_demo. If you need this program before the release of the next version, please send me an email. I'll send you back with the tool. You can also make js_demo yourself by downloading the source files from the svn repository. Take a look at [[How to build FlightGear 0.9.10 on Mac OS X]] for more detail. Peter, Sorry for my having kept you waiting. I wrote the answer for your questions into [[Help and Discussion]] so please visit the page. Thank you.