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Important Notice from FlightGear Developers

This is a help desk page for FlightGear Mac OS X, a free / open-source flight simulator.

We have heard that there are some paid products that use FlightGear, and their web site or a starting box seems leading you to this site for either downloading the binary or support. It's totally up to you for paying some amount of money for software and scenery that you can get for free. However, we have never received any donation or single penny on your payment for such paid product. Therefore we have no responsibility for providing any support for such products.

Generally speaking, it is better to get FlightGear for free and buy a good flight stick and/or a pedal. Needless to say, donation to FlightGear is very welcome :-) If you already paid for such product and feel very disappointed by knowing FlightGear is available for free, we recommend you ask the seller (not us) for refund. See the official statement for more detail on this issue.

Help Desk

We assume you have a problem in running / building FlightGear on Mac OS X. The first thing you can do for solving the problem is to read the documents including Jump Start Guide, Users Guide, and Troubleshooting page. If these documents can't help you, post your questions or problems onto our online forum or mailing list. We highly recommend you use either the mailing list or the forum so we can share your problem and its solution with other users. Posting bug reports and future requests are very welcome.

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18 Responses to “Help and Discussion”

  1. Suzuki Says:
    I downloaded the game and when I double clicked on it, it didn't open why?! what should I do?! thnx
  2. Razgriz Says:
    do you have mac os x 10.4 ?????
  3. justin Says:
    i hit start flight and nothihg happens, the program quits and then... nothing
  4. Tat Says:

    Justin, please read the Troubleshooting page and do as it says. If it doesn't solve your problem, tell me what the log says. You can see the log with /Applications/Utilities/

  5. Phil Cobbin Says:
    Where's the resource file at with the paths and default settings? This is the .fgfsrc file on Linux
  6. Peter Says:
    your program is great and i think it has good potential, but i am having trouble downloading extra aircraft and scenery. i have a mac, and when i am done downloading a plane i get the folder and for SOME of them i get the random letters then .tgz , but others i do not get that. even if i do get that, when i go to the beginning thing when i start it , i go to advanced features, then others, and i click install add on data. i have tried both the folder and the .tgz document, and neither work. when i do the .tgz document, it says installation completed, yet the aircraft does not appear on the list of aircraft i can use. HELP thanks for listening, Peter
  7. Peter Says:
    one more problem, is there a gun you can fire on some planes, and if so, what button do i press? thanks
  8. Mike Says:
    Hi, I was wondering how to use the Auto Pilot. How do you set it up so that it flies toward the airport that I would like? Thanks.
  9. Mike Says:
    After installing a new plane where do I find it? Along with the senery?
  10. Tat Says:

    Sorry for my very late response. I'd not been able to access the network for more than three weeks for some network trouble. I'm totally disappointed with my network provider, but now everything is back to normal, so it's OK. Anyway, I'll answer each questions posted in this website. Phil, you can use $HOME/.fgfsrc on Mac OS X. Just mind that the launcher will overwrite the configuration written in .fgfsrc.

    Dominic, I totally agree with you on that. FlightGear lacks the usability especially in terms of joystick support. There's a tool called js_demo that allows you to (re)configure a joystick device. I'm making the next release version with this tool, so be patient. If many users want this tool, I'll make it downloadable before the next release.

    Peter, The file names of aircraft depends on where you download these. However, you can extract the tgz files manually and put the extracted folders into /Applications/ If you don't use the newest version of the launcher, please download the latest one (r114) from the Downloads page. There's no gun capability in FlightGear at this moment as far as I know.

    Mike, It's not Mac OS X specific question, so please read FlightGear Manual. I hope it helps you. Installed airplanes and scenery can be found in /Applications/{Aircract, Scenery} folders respectively.

  11. alex Says:
    When i play FLightGear, there is no scenery. How do I fix this?
  12. alex Says:
    nevermind, i found out
  13. ward Says:
    How can i install new plane's ?
  14. ward Says:
    i have a big problem i see only lines on my screen please help me!
  15. pete Says:
    when i try to put more aircrafts into the "aircraft" folder it says the "aircraft" folder can't be modified, how do i fix this?
  16. pete Says:
    nevr mind, i found out
  17. pete Says:
    how do i download more scenery???
  18. Marco Says:
    I love this program, but I simply cannot get it to work on my Macbook. Some of the keys work and some don't. Is there a file I can substitute which will allow it to run on my Macbook? Thanks