Here is a list of other projects that are related to FlightGear Mac OS X and/or myself,


Nice flight simulator. I'm porting it to Mac OS X platform. The launcher also uses RubyCocoa. It's only the way to go!

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Launcher of FlightGear Mac OS X is written in RubyCocoa. Mac OS 10.5 will include this framework. I'm loving it!

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Yes, RubyCocoa is a bridge between Cocoa and Ruby so don't forget this.

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Hmm, too many. I'll pick some later..


This website uses wordpress as a semi-CMS.



This website uses modPukiWiki - a PukiWiki plug-in for Wordpress / XOOPS.

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  • modPukiWiki - Japanese
    • The page is garbled on Safari. you should change character encoding to Japanese(EUC)

Tools that I use

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