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3 Responses to “Documents”

  1. Wayne Crooke Says:
    Trying to start up flight sim lessons again. Many years back did MSFS. Those basic lessons were great. But, this flight gear (and x plane) are very confusing to someone trying to get started. Search-search-searching for a clear, interesting, step by step basic flight lessons on the sim. Wonder why someone doesn't make one? It's a market that's waiting.
  2. Krushan Says:
    whenwe r flying 737-300 there is no FD bars available
  3. Tat Says:

    Wayne, why don't you ask this on the mailing list of flightgear. This is not Mac OS X specific issue at all. your request can lead someone to make these.

    Krushan, I don't think it's actually working at this moment. You should either post the message to the mailing list of FlightGear ( or ask the author of 737-300 on this. This is not a Mac OS X specific issue after all.