FlightGear 2.6.0-RC2 has been released

OK, I made RC2 to improve more stability and performance of 2.6.0. Ever since RC1 was released, I got many bug-reports and feedbacks, and these helped me make RC2. I really appreciate contributers' effort and time.

The Improvements from RC1 includes:

  • Fixed: FlightGear doesn't start when the "start flight" button is pressed if the folder for the log file is missing.
  • Fixed: View Log doesn't work properly
  • Fixed: Aircraft preview doesn't work properly
  • Fixed: FlightGear crashes on exit when using Command-Q
  • Improved: frame rate
  • Improved: Installer can install frameworks.
  • Improved: some data and Aircraft
  • Improved: some more cursors (for resizing and mouse based aircraft control)

The frame rate is getting closer to the one on 2.4.0, so give it a try! You can download it from Downloads page or Sourceforge file manager

Have a wonderful flight!!