FlightGear 2.6.0 has been released

We are proud to announce that FlightGear 2.6.0 for Mac OS X has been released. Go download it from:

FlightGear 2.6.0 has so many new features, enhancements, and improvements since 2.4.0. Some major changes include:

  • Aircraft Operations
    • At selected airports, FlightGear can automatically start at an appropriate parking spot based on the size and type of your aircraft.
    • At airports which support this feature, a visual display of the taxi route on the ground guides you to the active runway, while following the correct taxiways.
  • AI system / AI Traffic
    • Less stutter in Multi-Player mode.
    • Less model-loading time by loading only the parts of the aircraft currently visible.
    • AI and multiplayer aircraft can produce sounds just like the main aircraft.
  • Flight Dynamics
    • The JSBSim flight dynamics model received a major overhaul.
  • Environment
    • The Local Weather package is integrated with the FlightGear core as "Advanced Weather". New rendering techniques allow more detailed clouds with no performance impact. High altitude clouds are rendered more realistically, and clouds move with the wind without impacting performance.
  • Interface
    • New replay mode
    • In-sim Multi-player configuration - You can change your call sign and MP server on-the-fly!
    • Much easier auto scenery downloader - just select a folder and turn it on.
    • More fps, less stutter

See http://wiki.flightgear.org/Changelog_2.6.0 for more detail.

FlightGear 2.6.0 for Mac OS X runs on OS X 10.6, and 10.7. Unfortunately this version doesn't run on Mac OS 10.5 or earlier. It's very hard to make it runs on both 10.5 and 10.7 (due to very big changes in SDKs), so I had to drop 10.5 at this moment. I'll keep tackling with make FlightGear compatible with 10.5.

Have a wonderful flight with this sensational simulator!


Fancy Cocoa Menu Bar that comes with RC1 and RC2 dropped due to stability reason. will be back on FG-git version soon.