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FlightGear-cvs-bin-20081116 has been released

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Here comes another binary package for FlightGear/CVS as of 2008-11-16. The main features in this release is 3D clouds. Yes, we finally have 3D clouds on OpenSceneGraph version of FlightGear. (We already have 3D clouds in 1.0.0 (PLIB) but this feature had been missing in Flightgear with OSG.

Because of some bugs in gcc, I made this package for Leopard only. I'll make the next official release run on both Tiger and Leopard, so be patient. However, I haven't tested it on Tiger, so I'm very happy If you try it on Tiger and give me a feedback.

Moreover, I want iMac / Mac Pro if this package works on it. I've received some bug reports on some nVidia drivers that make FlightGear crash when splash screen goes out. I fixed this problem so feedback reports are very welcome.

You can download the latest package from here